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Planter - Planter

Planter - Planter

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Handmade light sandstone hanging planter without hook, as simple as it is ingenious. Planter without drainage holes.


Light sandstone


350g / 12.2oz


Diameter: 14 cm / 5.5''

Height: 8.3 cm / 3''

Volume: 500ml/16.9oz

Care and use

For indoor installation or protected from bad weather

Avoid shocks

Cleans with soapy water

Do not immerse the rope and the wooden ring

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Without holes in the walls...

The ring system allows the rope to be wrapped around a curtain rod. (see image opposite)

  • Give it as a gift

    Almost as if you had made it yourself...give a handmade bowl!

  • Hassle-free exchange

    Wrong gift color? Trade it! Contact me for details...