Eve loves Laliberté...

I am a ceramist by passion and a graphic designer by training. I put my hands in the dirt for the first time in a class in Vancouver and it was love at first sight! Subsequently, I trained with Quebec colleagues and at Concordia University. I have developed a “multiple” approach to ceramics which corresponds well with my desire to explore the medium.

I shape, turn and reproduce by molding varied pieces with round shapes and multiple colors. Functional objects, with a touch of superfluity, and curves that make you want to hold them and caress them.
And above all, to share a good time with others...or yourself!

Beaks or ears? My signature...

Many stories begin with an accident… This is the case with the 2 “ears” that we find on my pieces and which have become my signature. When I wanted to unmold a prototype from a plaster mold, I broke the mold!

It takes a long time to make a mold... no question of throwing it away. After a first “spout”, the shape looks too much like a measuring cup… I made a second one, and the pouring spouts (or ears, or handles) were born!

The circles

Rallying point, movement, common point. Because I like to explore colors, textures and designs while creating a familiar universe, a space where the earth appears. Link between all my collections, the circle is comfortable, unifying...and I love everything that is curvy!

Some favorite patterns