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Large flower vase

Large flower vase

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It is a vase, a pitcher, a wine cooler, handmade, in light stoneware. Put a bouquet or your favorite bottle of wine in it to share, its functionalities are multiple, its beauty and originality unique.


Light sandstone


696g / 1.5 lbs


Volume: 1.5l / 50oz

Diameter: 12 cm / 4.5''

Height: 22 cm / 8.75''

Care and use

Dishwasher/microwave/freezer safe

Beware of thermal shock

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Cooler, pitcher...

Keep your bottle cool or serve water to your guests

  • Give it as a gift

    Almost as if you had made it yourself...give a handmade bowl!

  • Hassle-free exchange

    Wrong gift color? Trade it! Contact me for details...